How to open a bottle of bubbly?


The pressure in a bottle of bubbly is about two to three times the pressure in your car’s tyres, which means the cork can pop out at speeds that can seriously hurt someone. This internal pressure is the reason why all bubblies have extremely thick corks.

When you’re ready to open the bottle, remove the foil and then release the metal cage. Hold the bottle away from you at a 45° angle (never point a bottle of bubbly at someone when opening), place the cork in the palm of your hand and whilst holding the base, twist the bottle slowly —not the cork. The cork should then release slowly. If the cork refuses to budge, run warm water on the neck of the bottle for a few seconds.

Like a French aristocrat rather than a formula one driver… 

Opening a bottle of bubbly is a beautiful celebratory ritual. The effect is grand, but it can sometimes be tricky to get it right. 

If you are opening a bottle indoors or for a classy, more refined occasion, aim for a “sigh” rather than a loud “pop”. You’ll want to open the bottle as gently as possible with a great deal of control so that the effervescence isn’t lost as foam.

In times of celebration, a pop can get the party started and adds a sense of festivity to the occasion. If you want the dramatic celebratory effect and a shower of foam and fizz, shake and open the bottle with a mighty pop. A good shake will send the cork flying high through the air. If you’re going this route – try to use one of your less expensive bottles. 

Once the Cap Classique is poured, the bubbles should be dancing and effervescing. Admire the colour, inhale the aroma and finally have that first delicious sip. Keep it in your mouth for a few seconds to appreciate whether it’s light or full-bodied, delicate or complex. It’s been waiting a long time to share its sparkle, so take a moment and enjoy!

Pour slowly!

Bubbly is called bubbly for a reason: because it is full of dissolved CO2, when poured into a glass, the liquid rises quickly. Don’t spill and waste your Cap Classique

  • Hold the glass upright. Do not slant it to pour.
  • Fill a third of each glass, then top up the servings once you’ve poured a bit for everybody.
  • Try not to touch the spout onto the rim of anyone’s glass (you never know where it’s been).