How to store Cap Classique

We know it’s hard to resist popping open a bottle of bubbly as soon as you buy it. Life’s short – why wait! But for those who like to stock the cellar so you can have bubbly on hand for any occasion, here are some tips on how to best store your Cap Classique.

The experts suggest storing your bubbly lying down in a cool place, ideally between 10 – 15 degrees at a humidity of 70%. If this sounds very technical and you’re still saving up for the fancy wine fridge, the most important thing is to store your bubbly in a cool, dry, dark place where there are no changes in temperature. Avoid wild fluctuations; consistency is key! 

Bottles of bubbly like as little disruption as possible – they’re preserving some precious sparkle, so keep them away from heat, light and vibrations. Cap Classique can be stored upright for shorter periods of one to two months (we don’t want that cork drying out and allowing air to get in the bottle!). If it’s in the fridge, keep it in the dark back corner. Keeping bubbly in the fridge’s door is a no-no; the constant opening and shutting of the fridge door will disturb the bubbles (gasp!).

How to store an open bottle?

We know this will almost NEVER happen – who can resist not finishing a bottle of bubbly – but for those rare occasions when you have to store an open bottle, the best thing to do is keep it cold – never let it warm up, and buy a good quality bottle stopper. 

The spoon trick doesn’t really work. Why you ask? In most liquids carbon dioxide is more soluble at low temperature, so cold liquids better retain their dissolved gas stopping the bubbles of air from escaping. The spoon is said to absorb the warm air from the neck acting as a temperature regulator and therefore preventing the fizz from escaping. We haven’t seen conclusive evidence that this works… 

If you do have leftover bubbly the sparkle won’t last very long, so ideally, try to finish it the next day. You could keep an open bottle for about three days, stored in the fridge with a stopper, but there won’t be a lot of fizz left, and the lovely flavours will have evaporated. 

If the bottle has lost all its sparkle, why not use the remaining wine for something fun like Cap Classique cupcakes or popsicles! Need some inspiration? Check out this champagne cupcake recipe.

For a great stopper option try Yuppiechef Carol Boyes stoppers 

How long can you keep Cap Classique? 

Don’t store bubbly forever.

A bottle of Cap Classique is special because it has already been appropriately aged in the cellars. It doesn’t necessarily benefit from additional ageing after it has been released for sale. If you store bubbly for longer periods, the taste and aroma of the wine will change as the flavours mature over time; it becomes a deeper, golden colour and could even lose some of the effervescence (no!). As a guide, you can keep non-vintage Cap Classique for three to four years and vintage cuvées for five to ten years. 

Sparkling Tip. Magnums have longer-term ageing potential due to the larger size.

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