Complete Guide to 8 Cap Classique Bottle Sizes

There are eight Cap Classique bottle sizes ranging from the mini “Demi” to the enormous “Nebuchadnezzar“. Interestingly, the reason why the names for the larger bottles were chosen is still a mystery! 

Do you know the names used for each bottle sizeUse our guide to learn about the names, sizes, equivalent bottles and number of glasses for each bottle. 

A tip for collectors and enthusiasts – while the 750ml is “Standard“, larger sizes like a “Magnum” or “Jeroboam” are often collected for their ageing potential as they slow down the ageing process and display much more complexity as the bubbly matures.

Also known as a Half, or Fillete which means “little girl” in French. This small wine bottle is equivalent to 375 ml, 1/2 a standard bottle, or 2 glasses of bubbly.

The most common bottle size of bubbly, it holds 750 ml, or 5 glasses of bubbly. 



Collectors choice or for making a splash at a party, a wine bottle equivalent to 1.5L or 2 standard bottles. You can pour 10 glasses of bubbly from a Magnum. Great ageing potential.



Named after a biblical king, a large wine bottle equivalent to 3L, 4 standard bottles, or 20 glasses of bubbly.



Named after the oldest man in the bible (who apparently lived to 969 years!), this party in a bottle is equivalent to 6L, 8 standard bottles, or 40 glasses of bubbly. Also the same size as an Imperial bottle.



Named after an Assyrian King, this oversized wine bottle houses 9L, 12 standard bottles, or 60 glasses of bubbly.


Named after one of the three biblical wise men, a large wine bottle equivalent to 12L, or 16 standard bottles, or 80 glasses of bubbly.



Named after the longest-ruling king of Babylon, this wine bottle holds 15L, 20 standard bottles, or 100 glasses of bubbly. Now that’s a celebration in a bottle! 


Cap Classique Bottle Sizes Chart

bottle sizes chart

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