A drink served before a meal to delight your taste buds and get you hungry. Best if dry and crisp with low alcohol.

Aperol spritz

Three parts bubbly (better dry), two parts bitter (red looks good), one part soda. Add a garnish like citrus.


The art of blending different wines from different grapes, regions and years (for non vintage sparkling wines). Typically takes place 5 months after the harvest.


Named after one of the three biblical wise men, a large wine bottle equivalent to 12L, or 16 standard bottles, or 80 glasses of bubbly.


A sparkling Italian cocktail made with two parts bubbly and one part white peach purée. This cocktail was first made at Harry’s Bar in Venice in the 1940s and the name is inspired by the sunsets in 15th-century renaissance artist Giovanni Bellini’s paintings.

Blanc de Blanc

White wine made from white grapes, typically chardonnay. A sommeliers best friend because it is particularly well suited to pairing with food.

Blanc de Noir

White wine made from black grapes, either pinot noir or pinot meunier. This bubbly is typically richer and more full bodied.


Bubbly made from more than one type of grape.

Bottle size

Bubbly comes in a variety of bottle sizes. While 750ml is standard, larger sizes like a Magnum or Jeroboam slow down the ageing process and display much more complexity as the bubbly ages.


Means dry in French, and is a style of bubbly that is very low in sugar – less than 12 (15) grams of sugar per litre.