Extra Dry

Right in the middle of the sweetness scale of bubbly, extra dry is a style of bubbly that is confusingly less dry and sweeter than brut – between 12 – 17 grams of sugar per litre.


Fermentation transforms the natural sugar in grapes into alcohol and carbon dioxide.


Tasting term to describe bubbly with a dry, crisp and mineral feel.


An Italian term that indicates a bubbly is only lightly sparkling, or semi-sparkling. Frizzante is made using the charmat method and has a minimum pressure of 1 bar. Frizzare means to prick in Italian.

Glou glou

Glou glou means glug glug in French, and is a term used to describe wines that are deliciously drinkable.


Process of attaching new grape vine to existing stock.

Grand Cru

Means great growth in French, and is a term used to classify villages in the Champagne region and fix grape prices each harvest for farmers and Champagne houses. Grand Cru (100% of the price) or Premier Cru (90-99% of the price) and the rest (80 – 89% of the price).


Harvest months are typically February/March in South Africa. Grapes are picked either by hand and pressed carefully as a whole bunch in order to keep the juice clear.


Also known as Methuselah, this ultimate party bottle is equivalent to 6L, 8 standard bottles, or 40 glasses of bubbly.


Named after a biblical king, a large wine bottle equivalent to 3L, 4 standard bottles, or 20 glasses of bubbly.